Music and Memory

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Yesterday I was at Granna’s in the course of our conversation she and my Uncle Mike broke into song…which brought back memories. Which made me think, music has a huge place in my memory. I remember when mom and dad would break into song when we made a comment. Which I totally did to GW the other day.

GW: “Mom, stooooop.” (not even sure what we were doing)

Me: “Stop, collaborate and listen…”

Yeah I so broke out into Vanilla Ice

GW: “Mom, where did you hear that song?”

Yep, I have turned into my parents…but, I see that as a good thing. It reminded me that music played/plays a big part of my life. It brings back some great memories.

Every time I hear this song I think of TBN (it was on the radio the other day and I called to say I was thinking about her and serenaded her):

Every time I hear Godsmack, I remember taking Uncle Dubby to his first concert.

Every time I hear any song from the Thriller album, I think of my dad. I remember that he had the actual vinyl record which he recorded to a reel-to-reel and then recorded to a cassette tape.

When I hear Dragula I think of my husband…this is our song…weird I know:

When I hear certain songs I remember trips, vacations, fun family moments.

What songs bring back your favorite memories?


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