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Your Brain is 67% Female, 33% Male

Your brain leans female
You think with your heart, not your head
Sweet and considerate, you are a giver
But you’re tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

Wee Yah! It’s Pow Wow Time

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When the vacation calendar comes around at the beginning of the year…Labor Day weekend is the first thing I schedule. This is the weekend of the Tecumseh Lodge Pow Wow. My family has been attending this Pow Wow since I was 12 years old and this only the third year we have had to miss it.

If you have never attended a Pow Wow, you should. There is a real sense of family there. You can arrive the first time with as little as a toothbrush and the people around you would help take care of you for the weekend. Now after that, you would have to pay it forward.

There are so may things I love about going. There are some very dear friends, that the only time we see them are at the Pow Wow and it seems as if no time has passed. There are the tables and booths filled beautiful artwork, jewelry, clothing, anything and everything you would need to make an outfit to dance in. There is fabtanbulous food at vendors or in your own camps. There is the inter-tribal dancing (even gourd dancing), with all the different styles, from beginners to experts. Finally getting to spend a wonderful fun weekend with my family.

We are all a little heartbroken to miss the Pow Wow again this year. We have all vowed to we will go next year and nothing with stop us. This is such a great fun tradition to carry on with our expanding family.

1st Full Day of Vacation

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So far so good…..slept in, went to the pool, and going to the movies tonite…..lovely.

When I got up Uncle Doff called me to inform me that he too had the day off. So we decided to call TBN and rub it in a little. Alas all we got was her voicemail….but we left a fun message. We then got a message back…something about burning in hell.

The Daddy and I drove to Spotsville, KY to spend a few hours at the pool. It was nice, no other peeps about, just some pesky killer horseflies. I kid you not these are the largest horseflies I have ever seen and they attack. Last time we were there they kept banging themselves into the windows of the truck trying to get to us.

Now we are back home, going to go see the Bourne Ultimatum this evening with Jessica & Scott (Jess is a co-worker & Scott is her hubby). I have heard good things about. I will let you know.


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I am finally on vacation…no more mail merge to deal with!!!!!! I know you are dying to know what my exciting plans are!

Are you ready? ‘Cuz they are quite fabulous…

I plan to get ALL and I mean ALL my laundry done. Done meaning: washed, dried, hung up or folded, then put away.

Jealous aren’t you? Knew you would be, everyone should have a vacation like this.

Okay those aren’t my only plans. TD & I plan to spend as much of the upcoming weekend as possible at my F-I-L’s pool and maybe hang out with some friends and family. Next week my #1 goal is to getting my laundry done, my sub-goals are to finish my mantle and hang a few things in my living room and rearrange my guest room (aka: my closet).

Not a super exciting vacation, but it’s not work!

Have a great Labor Day weekend

Mail Merge Continued

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YIPPY! <sigh of relief>

The fates have decided that I deserve a break. Somehow, I managed to get my 2 documents of labels all into one. Not at all positive on how I did it, but it is done.

So glad I go on vacation tomorrow at noon-ish. I need it after all that.

Mail Merge

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Okay…now I am not in way shape or form a computer geek, however I am pretty handy with one. Decently proficient in Microsoft Office and whatever other program I am using I can usually figure out.

This last week has tried my patience in so many ways….patience is a virtue my tookus!

I have been trying for a week now to get my mail merge to work. First using the mail merge to pull a list from excel….no luck. I finally gave up and printed out all the labels I needed plus the extra labels I didn’t.

Then, much to my consternation my boss decides he wants to make a completely new list for a mail out he is getting ready to do in September. So, I go into my mail merge, I type in all 50+ names and addresses…then proceed for 2 hours to get the names & addresses onto the word document. Before you ask…<sighs wearily> I tried using Help, but the help was not so helpful. I know there was just one step that I was somehow missing and just couldn’t see it (I think I got tunnel vision).

Finally to my utmost joy…I did it! Unfortunately, I don’t know how I did it and am not quite sure is is correct. I ended up having 2 docs with the 2 pages of names and addresses instead of it all being on one, but I will not let my joy fade! Why? Because….it is done. WOO HOO!

If anyone knows some quick easy steps to mail merge, from existing or new lists, I would love to get them. You would have my eternal thanks!

Have a Fantabulous Day!

Nieces & Nephews

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So TD & I volunteered to babysit Sos last night so Mommy & Daddy could go on a date for Dubby’s birthday. The evening was spectacular. We had sooooo much fun.

Uncle Dubby & Aunt Andi left and I immediately started looking for things Sos could play with (being a non-kid household – this can be a little hard to come by)…but I prevailed and found some

Blue plastic coasters..

a Bouncy Ball…

and Something Shiny….

We took Sos to visit KK, one of our nephews. Now KK looks like a giant next to Sos, who is off the charts in her height, Sos is going to be a tall one. KK loves her. He kept giving her kisses, hugs, shared his cookie crisp cereal with her. He showed her all his toys (although some were off limits, specifically anything Elmo). Then he realized he was sharing our attention and that had to stop. Anytime she was near me, TD, or his mom & dad he was all over us. He was sitting in our laps, just so she couldn’t.

We then went on a shopping expedition to Target. Once again Sos was an angel. She just sat there and ate the cheerios or marshmellows I gave her. She say mmmmmmmmmm every time she put one on her mouth. Target is also where we found her birthday present. Apparently these blocks are one of her favorites, WOO HOO!

Then we took her to Moe’s. She loved the black beans. The chicken was okay, but she would choose a bean over the meat everytime.

Finally we took her back to the house & not 5 minutes later mommy & daddy showed up to get her.