Wordless Wednesday

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I have a new project. We bought some bookcases for GW’s room unfinished…now I get to stain them


Also, living in the Ohio Valley leads to interesting weather

Yesterday we had fog, pretty much all day



Then today, we have some sun, lots of wind and 70 degrees….here’s the kicker we are supposed to have snow and ice by the end of the week


Wordless Wednesday – September 12, 2012

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I Think I Secretly Have A Hero Complex…

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GW and I are on a trip to Maryland to see TBF. It has been way to long since we last saw her and am thrilled to be here.

The trip here….C-R-A-Z-Y

Our flight from Evansville got delayed.

Finally we get boarded and are all ready to go when the pilot pops his head out and says “Sorry one of my engines won’t start. You will have to get off the plane and reschedule.”

Go inside, stand in line for 45 minutes and get rerouted through Atlanta

We get on this plane, in Atlanta guess what? Delayed plane!

We get to Baltimore finally! We get to our rental and head on our way. As I am getting my GPS going it starts to take me some back way to the Interstate. Seriously, it tried to take me down a restricted road.

Finally, I am on the interstate we are headed to TBF‘s and the world is right. Until I call TBF and find out I JUUUUSSSSSSSTTTTT passed the exit I needed. After several funny and wrong directions and turn arounds we made it safe and sound.

Now with all that in mind the subject of my post.

I am not a worst  first reactor. I think of all the worst things that could happen.

I thought our flight could crash, get taken hostage, or all sorts of crazy movie worthy ideas.

But, then my thoughts would head into…If the plane crashed we would survive and help take care of the other injured people. GW would be so in awe of my calmness he would just help out with what ever I asked him to do. If we got taken hostage, I would be the one to get a secret message to TD and he would contact all the right people and we would be saved.

You see where I am headed with this…

Secretly, I think I want to be a Super Hero!

Every Now and Then…

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…it is nice to know other people besides my family read my blog.

Just yesterday I was nominated by Esenga’s Voice for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.

So, when one is nominated for this award, the person has to:

– thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated them;

Thank you so much Esenga, it was very Sweet of you to nominate me

– nominate a bakers dozen of other bloggers (see below);

– answer 5 super sweet questions.

1) Cookies or Cake?

Ummmmm…Cake would be first choice, unless it is chocolate cake then I would go for the cookies

2) Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla first and if nothing else was available the chocolate

3) What is you favorite sweet treat?

I L-O-V-E candy. Hot Tamales, Mike ‘n Ike’s, Cherry Sours, Lemon Heads, Jelly Beans…

4) When do you crave sweet things the most?

Usually when I am bored or in the evenings

5) If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Easy, Sweetpea

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Wordless Wednesday – July 18, 2012

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A Spidey Story…

Once upon a time there was a little boy who dreamed of being Spidey:

I want to climb the walls

So he got a Spidey outfit and set out to save the world:

I will protect you
I can block the bad guys punches
I will knock them out

Then his mom said it was bedtime and he ran away…

If you look real close to the back fence you can see Spidey trying to make his get away over the fence

Music and Memory

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Yesterday I was at Granna’s in the course of our conversation she and my Uncle Mike broke into song…which brought back memories. Which made me think, music has a huge place in my memory. I remember when mom and dad would break into song when we made a comment. Which I totally did to GW the other day.

GW: “Mom, stooooop.” (not even sure what we were doing)

Me: “Stop, collaborate and listen…”

Yeah I so broke out into Vanilla Ice

GW: “Mom, where did you hear that song?”

Yep, I have turned into my parents…but, I see that as a good thing. It reminded me that music played/plays a big part of my life. It brings back some great memories.

Every time I hear this song I think of TBN (it was on the radio the other day and I called to say I was thinking about her and serenaded her):

Every time I hear Godsmack, I remember taking Uncle Dubby to his first concert.

Every time I hear any song from the Thriller album, I think of my dad. I remember that he had the actual vinyl record which he recorded to a reel-to-reel and then recorded to a cassette tape.

When I hear Dragula I think of my husband…this is our song…weird I know:

When I hear certain songs I remember trips, vacations, fun family moments.

What songs bring back your favorite memories?

I Want to be Political…No Really! I Do!

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So this is a big year in politics. Presidential big. I voted for our current President. Good, bad or ugly, he is who we have. I voted on a gut feeling which is all I really go on. Trying to get into all the nuisances of actual politics….snooze fest. Is there really a way to know if the candidates are telling the truth or their version of the truth?

I want to be political, I really, really do. I may need to invest in  this book:

via Google Images

But, that would require to me to read it and I am not sure I could. Legalese and all that, just don’t compute with me. So, how does one like me be a political shark? A person who knows what the issues are, what the agendas are, who is telling the truth and who is out to make a buck? Sadly I have come the conclusion that it just isn’t possible.

From the information that I have gathered (mostly via news channels and the internet) our politicians all kinda off their rockers. It seems to me that they all have theirs eyes and goals set on what will get them more money in their pocket then what is actually good for us…”The People.” You know “The People” they have been elected to help and protect?

Remember, I am not a super informed political aficionado by any means. These are my personal observations; maybe you agree with, maybe you don’t and that is okay. That is one of the many freedoms we have and make me proud to live in the United States. This pretty much sums up how I feel:

Every day I have freedoms I take for granted just because I live where I do. I am thankful for that and the men & women who help or helped make that happen. Then I watch the news and there is some politician trying to take away my freedoms one-by-one.

So, when some one threatens to take that away I want to elect some one that will fight for me, but I have no idea who that is. How do I find that person and do they have enough clout to do the job?

I want to make a good decision about our next President, I hate the feeling of voting for who is the lesser-of-two-evils. We The People should never feel as if we are short-shifting ourselves of the best leadership available in the world and yet, sadly, that is how I feel every four years.

How do you decide who to vote for? Where do you get reliable information?