Glo-Worm’s Birth Story

I really meant to write and post this before Glo-Worm turned the BIG 1, but time got away and life happened.

I love that we chose not to find out what we were having. We chose names, bought baby items, received several as gifts and throughly enjoyed the pregnancy. We also took a birthing class, which was immensely helpful. One of the things they told us several times about contractions, they will have rhythm to them. If they do not, then it is probably false labor (more on this later). Also, no one can really describe what contractions feel like, once again more on this later.

December 23, 2008 was my last scheduled doctor’s appointment.  I went in and Dr. Walker said that I had dilated 3cm and things where moving along well.  Did I want to wait and let things happen on their own or induce? My response: “I need to get this kid out of me. I can’t breathe, if I can’t breathe, how can my kid breathe?” Dr. Walker said ok how about we set you up for the 26th, I will be the doctor on staff that day (WOO HOO lucky me). Duh, what do you think I said…YES. This was also perfect, because it is my f-i-l birthday. I thought, what a special day/bond for Glo-Worm and Papa to have. It also gave a few days to get a few final things in order, celebrate the holidays…

Glo-Worm, however, had other ideas. Apparently, for the rest of the day, I started my labor. It started as an aching back, which as this point was not unusual for me. After The Daddy got off work, we went and ran a few errands, stopped by his work. Here I was talking to one of his employees, my back was really starting to annoy me, so I would sit and it would stop. Then it would start-up again, until I stood up.  The Daddy & I went home and had some dinner. I told The Daddy I was just going to lay on the couch and watch some TV.  That last about 30 minutes. Finally, I was like I am going to bed. I can’t get comfy…grrrrr arrrrggghhhh. So I went to bed.

About another 30 minutes later, The Daddy comes up to check on me. “How are you feeling?” “Horrible, I can’t get comfortable, and my back is really starting to hurt.” ” You think you might be in labor?” ” How the hell should I know, I have never had a kid before?” (hint #1) ” Well, lets time them.” “Fine”

Okay, now from what we learned, there should be a rhyme, a rhythm to contractions…yeah, not me. They were so across the board, we just knew they were false labor pains. The Daddy then asks “Do you think we should go to the hospital?” Me: “I don’t know…I really don’t want to get there and them send me home.”

So we decided to call our 24-hour health nurse line…The Daddy calls them up and is telling the nurse what is going on, that we are unsure as to whether or not we should go to the hospital or if it is false labor.  Then I hear the “uh-huh, okay, uh-huh..okay hang on a min. She wants to talk to you.” Me: “Why, the hell does she need to talk to me (hint #2), fine hand me the phone.” She asked me a few questions and then says “Sweetie you are pretty deep into labor you should probably go to the hospital.”

My biggest fear at this point was that I would be sent home. After we got to the hospital, the nurse made me lay in bed for an hour to see if I would dilate any more…which I did not (fear of going home getting closer)…then they had me walk around for an hour…Yippy I dilated more and they were admitting me to the hospital. Woo Hoo…then came the nurse with IV…not so happy then.  I am guessing she was not real good at the whole inserting the needle IV thing. So, I am laying there as still as i cn possibly be having contractions and she can’t get the needle in my hand and not only that she keeps digging around…I finally told her she needed to get the needle out of my hand right now.  Which she did, and then proceeded to decimate my other hand before finally getting it inserted. As this was going on the admitting nurse asked me if I was getting an epidural…which according to Chris she hadn’t even finished the word when I said yes.

My room nurse got us all set up and gave me some medicine to help with the contraction pain until the anesthesiologist could get to me (apparently lots of babies couldn’t wait a few days). I tend to have extreme reactions to medicine’s, so I try to stay away from  things as much as I can. In this case I was ready for a little relief…the nurse gave me some Staydol (spelling how it sounded)…my reaction…heart rate plummets.  The anesthesiologist arrives and the get me in position…he asks me lot so questions. I remember thinking “if I answer yes to everything maybe this will go faster” I am not sure if  I did or not. Then things kinda went blank for a bit…then I hear the anesthesiologist ask “What did you give her?” Nurse: “Staydol” Anesthesiologist: “How much did you give her?” They then gave me something to bring my heart rate back up, then had to give me something else to even it out…ay ay ay…after that I felt great.  I slept in between the nurses visits and would chat with my mom and m-i-l and Chris then drift back off.

Up until the time that the nurse tells me that I will be ready to start pushing around 8a, I hadn’t given much thought as to who would actually deliver my baby. When we had planned the induction, I knew that my doctor was going to be the one delivery and somewhere in my fogged brain I still thought this to be true. When I realized it wasn’t, I kinda panicked a little bit.  Who was this stranger that knew nothing about me or my history?  Then the whole pushing thing started and I kinda forgot about it.

One of the fun bits, again was not knowing what we were having…we were going to get to have the whole “It’s a…..BOY/GIRL” moment.  The nurse told us they didn’t know either it wasn’t in our chart, it was fun for them to try to guess what I was having.I had the best nurse ever, she was right on target with the pushing, keeping me calm, when Glo-Worm should be born.

We were getting close to the actually delivery, when I found out that Dr. Walker was in the hospital.  He had brought a few of his kiddos in to see Santa, when he found out I was there.  He came to check on me, and told the nurse that if  the baby crowned within a certain time (think was like next 20 min) he would stay and do the delivery. Chris informs me that I am running low on the epidural meds and if I push enough Dr. Walker will deliver Glo-Worm…guess who got their push on?

At 10:15a December 24, 2008…Glo-Worm was born. He was 7lbs. 2 oz. and is 20 inches long.

5 thoughts on “Glo-Worm’s Birth Story

    momintraining13 said:
    April 5, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Great to read a story about a natural birth! I ended up going c-section for mine. She just refused to vacate the premises.

    Wendy said:
    December 30, 2011 at 2:31 am

    This brings back so many memories! Hi, I hopped over from Play101’s award post 🙂 My story is quite similar to yours. I had the usual achy back and woke up at the usual time (2:45 am after hitting 7 months pregnant), the only thing off was that I couldn’t get comfortable. Every 30 minutes I was adjusting my posture. I’d sweep for a few minutes, wash dishes, mop.. sit down, lay down, lean against the wall. I just couldn’t get the back pain to go away. Around noon, my husband called from work to see how I was doing and I told him my back was killing me – so he called the nurse, then came home and we left for a quick check up. I was 6 cm dilated. “whaaaa???” I said.. The nurse wheeled me into the delivery room and my little kiddo was born at 11:32 pm. Why she took her sweet time arriving is beyond me but boy was I happy to see a healthy little girl (I opted out of knowing the sex, my husband didn’t, so he knew all along)

    Rachel Walters said:
    January 1, 2012 at 12:00 am

    1st time I read this. So cute/funny. I LOVE Dr Walker. He knows just how to keep things calm! Great story!

    Bryzoa said:
    February 1, 2012 at 4:45 am

    loved this… we have number 3 coming in a few weeks, your post made me remember the joy of this very special time. After a time of great upheaval a new arrival will be another welcome reminder of how precious life is. Thank You and congratulations to you both.

      TM responded:
      February 1, 2012 at 7:23 am

      My GW just turned 3 and we hope to add another another sweet baby this year. Congrats on your new edition

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