Isn't Time for the this Kid to come out yet?

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I love being pregnant, don’t get me wrong. I have had an easy pregnancy, but I am ready for Glo-Worm to be born. I am crazy to know what we are having and to meet my kiddo. I can’t breathe, get comfortable, I dream of the heartburn I used to have, and have I mentioned can’t get comfortable?????

We had a doctor’s appointment today. I am 2cm dilated, and am some percentage effaced (I can’t remember what he said). The doctor thinks Glo-Worm will be born between Christmas and New Years.

Not much longer!!!!!!

P.S. The Name Stealer did NOT take the middle name as well, just the first. Granna also informed me that there are a lot of Tabitha’s in the newspaper, so guess it’s kinda coming back in style. Also, because there are already votes on our poll, I can’t change the name for the Girl.


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