Wordless Wednesday

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I have a new project. We bought some bookcases for GW’s room unfinished…now I get to stain them


Also, living in the Ohio Valley leads to interesting weather

Yesterday we had fog, pretty much all day



Then today, we have some sun, lots of wind and 70 degrees….here’s the kicker we are supposed to have snow and ice by the end of the week



Our End of The World Weekend

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So according to some guy, the end of the world was supposed to happen Saturday…Yeah, Not-So-Much. However, if you are a ‘End of The World” enthusiast, I think December 2012 has an End of The World Day as well.  That leaves you with ONLY 577-ish days to prepare.

We celebrated the end of the world in style. We spent part of Friday over at Uncle Dubby & Aunt Andi’s playing with the cousins & visiting. GW had been asking for several days to go play with Sos & K-man, so we made a play date and Rapture weekend was gorgeous!

The kids riding on the power wheels
Playing & pictures of Sos & K-man

After our visit with the cousin’s we went to an Otter’s game. The Evansville Otter’s are a local farm league (baseball). TD‘s Work had a tent area blocked off for the employee’s & their families for the opening season game. GW was very excited to go to a baseball game.

WOW! Night at the Otter's

Saturday (Rapture Day), was fairly uneventful. We went & had breakfast at Donut Bank, then went to the river for a walk. I had lunch & reconnected with an old friend. Did a few more repairs at the Other House. We went out to dinner, came home and CRASHED! I was asleep by 10p and Sunday was still there when I woke up.

Sunday, we went back to the river to go see the train at the Evansville Museum and the model train show. It was super windy yesterday. After the river we went to the store to get new tubes for the tires on our bikes. It was just a fun weekend with my family.

A few random pictures from the weekend
On the train..GW was very interested in the Caboose
More pictures with the train
Looking at the engine & one of the train models
Super WINDY!

A little side story to the museum. My dad used to work there many years ago and I have so many fond memories of running around there. We used to sit of the roof of the Planetarium to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, we (TBN & myself) had the run of the children’s area. We saw all the Planetarium shows and we had the run of the train (the same one GW is playing on). What is now the Pagoda (the visitors center) used to be storage and the old ticket booth. I always go down memory lane when we visit the riverfront. It was a special moment to share some memories of my father with my son. To make new memories of the museum with my husband & son.

Wordless Wednesday – Froggy Glasses & Rainboots

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If you don’t live in the Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, or Missouri area you  may be unaware of all the rain we are having…making rain boots all that more important. We hare having Flash Flood Warnings all over the place. The sewers can’t keep up with th rain, which means the drain in my driveway keeps backing up…into my house. We are luckier then some, we don’t have to vacate our home. Ready for the rain to stop.

Click Here to see pictures of the Flood of 1937 in our area. It has a lot of historical facts to go along with the pictures.

Ear Infections…More Rain

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So last week Glo-Worm (GW), Wednesday to be exact, has a total meltdown. Uncontrollable sobbing over a kid’s meal toy…he wanted me

The Kid's toy that started the sobbing

to turn it on, but it didnt turn on and no matter how many times I told and showed him that he still refused to believe me. So I picked up his tear streaked, heaving little body & went to sit down. After a few minutes  he calmed down and we had this conversation:

GW: “Mommy, mommy it hurt.” (Tugging at his ear in the saddest little voice)

The Mommy (TM): “Your ear hurts?” (just wanted to confirm…with toddler’s you never know)

GW: “Uh-huh” (sad little voice continues)

TM: “Does it hurt inside your ear?”

GW: “Uh-huh”

TM: “Do you think we should call Dr. Ransdell?”

GW: “Uh-huh”

I called his doctor told them I thought he had an ear infection, they wanted to see him. This led to a very sad, hurting, sobbing little boy who just wanted to go to cuddle & go to sleep on my lap. I finally managed to get some clothes on both of us before he fell asleep about 10min before we had to leave. My sweet baby was whimpering in his sleep. By the time we got to the doctor, he had a temperature and sure enough an ear infection. The doctor told us germs are tougher today than they used to be so if his fever was NOT gone by Friday to call back. We went got his antibiotic, got home, got GW dosed…he was out.

Thursday he seemed on the road to recovery…not so. GW‘s fever came back, so Friday we were back at the doctor for another antibiotic. His fever finally broke Saturday afternoon. We had to cancel on an Easter Egg Hunt for Sunday. We wanted to make sure the fever was gone, plus he was still a little weak. He will sit for a few minutes regain some energy, then poop out really fast. During one of his energized moments he did help The Daddy (TD) mow the yard at the other house. GW wanted to be TD‘s big helper so we got him a mower to help out.

"I mowing!"
"I follow you daddy."
GW being TDs Big Helper

We have inundated with rain lately. The drain in our drive way keeps backing up, the river is super high and there is more in sight. This the rest of our week:

Sorry for the not-so-great quality...but you get the point

Two Post In ONE Day…

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Okay so I know Spring is around the corner and according to the calendar it officially began March 20th, 2011.

So how come we went from this earlier in the week:

Glo-Worm in Short Sleeves Just Tuesday!

To this today:


Okay, so I am exaggerating…A LOT! We are really only getting a little sleety snow, more like cold rain. However, the weather changed so fast. The same day the first picture was taken that evening it was back down in the 40’s. Isn’t March supposed to be “in like a lion out like a lamb?” Thinking this year March decided to be a practical joker. This is the vision I have of what March is thinking:

“HAHA! Silly people, I just want to play with you. I changes it around…”in like a lamb out like a lion! RRRRRAAAAAWWWWRRRRRR!”

Ready for Spring, Summer, & Fall…the change over to the season’s suck.

It’s hot Don…you can say that again…It’s hot Don

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Boy oh boy has it been a hot sweltering mess the last few days. Even on the way home it’s not cool…sweating before I even get in the door.

Being the great parent that I am, I took GW to the zoo the other day with a friend and her nephew (Heather & Jace). Even though we were sweating in places were sweat should never be allowed we had a good time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My other house is almost finished…hmmm I keep saying that…anyhoo it really is this time. After it’s all completed TD & I are going to get in there and clean…clean…clean…and clean some more. We need to put a new garage door on and reside the garage and tear down a yard barn. Once these things are finished we can put it on the market. YIPPY!

Things are still going well with GW putting himself to sleep. We had a little bit of a rough night Tuesday, but other than that he has been great. He does really well at nap times too, I think he cries a little more at nap time (more like a whine).

We are hoping to go on vacation the first full week of September…more on that later. We are really looking forward to it.

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